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3rd May 2024

#108 - Sean Tucker - Finding meaning in the making

Sean is a Photographer, Filmmaker, Author and Speaker based in the UK. Over his career to date, he's been fortunate enough to tell visual stories for individuals, NGO'S and big multinational corporations across more than 20 countries. He's travelled many long hours as a solo filmmaker and photographer to create work with a meaningful message. In more recent years he began a popular YouTube channel where he seeks to inspire other creatives, and he's written and published a book sharing his philosophy for the creative life called "The Meaning in the Making". @seantuck


The creative potential of your subconscious mind, why we need to be bored more often, finding your creative voice, deciding what success is to you, connecting with your core audience, having the courage to share your work, the challenges of receiving feedback and the struggles tied with turning your creative outlet in to your only source of income.


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