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5th Apr 2024

#106 Adrienne Adhami - Focusing on your goals and create a life you love

Adrienne Adhami is a Wellbeing Coach, Author, and host of the ‘Power Hour’ podcast. Each week Adrienne shares insights about wellbeing, productivity and entrepreneurship. Power Hour has now reached more than 4 million downloads. She brand advisor specialising in wellbeing, technology, and innovation and has delivered workshops and keynotes for brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft & Range Rover. Adrienne is the epitome of a digital entrepreneur and was named as a ‘Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs to Watch 2023’ by HSBC. She is also an endurance runner & mother. (@adrienne_ldn)

What you'll learn

What is stopping you from achieving your goals, why to focus on one main goal per season of your life rather than lesser ones simultaneously, asking whether your daily activities contribute to happiness,  implementing a ‘power hour’ and treating is as a gift to self, creating life on your own terms whilst still being considerate of friends and family , avoiding treating productivity as an end in itself, motivation vs discipline


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Honestly Unbalanced
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The surface level of the wellness world is often a high gloss, picture perfect representation of balanced living. Adam and Holly Husler dig under that shiny surface and discover that the balanced-state is often a fleeting moment, with the rest of life being an ever-changing obstacle course of; struggles, opportunities, sweat and hard work.

Though honest conversations, we track our guests' unique paths to success, how they navigate changing tides and the continuous search for their own version of happiness.

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